Short haired bride?

Most of us associate short hair and pixie cuts with tomboys and some level of mischief. That’s all fun and dandy, but hey, short haired girls are still girls. Perhaps some of them would still like to look all elegant and girly and dreamlike – and trust me, short hair IS all of those things!

Your hairstyle choices may be a little limited due to the length of your hair, but you can make things a little interesting by altering the way you part your hair and how you tuck it behind your ear.
And of course, there is always colouring and highlighting your hair. A couple of warm tones in your hair would make a huge difference.

But I believe, that a short haired bride’s best friend are embellishments! I do not know why I have such an obsession with hair accessories and brides, but I do believe they contribute greatly to the elegance factor. Here is my list of top hair accessory choices for a wedding 🙂

1. Tiaras

There is literally NOTHING better than a tiara to make you feel like a princess. It is the symbol of dreams. Depending on the theme of your wedding – whether it is a grand gala or a very simple affair, you can choose how detailed and bejewelled your tiara is.
Tiaras go very well with classic wedding gowns. My advice is to keep the tiara and the rest of the jewellery inversely proportional. If your tiara is grand, then do not overdose on the other jewellery. You want the highlight to be on the tiara. On the contrary, for simple tiaras, chandelier earrings or a fancy choker may go well.

2. Flowers

Especially apt if you are choosing an exotic/ destination wedding are flowers. You can just get a few in your wedding colours and tuck them behind your ear. For larger flowers, bobby pins are a must to mobilize them. You really dont want them falling off.
Smaller, multiple flowers can be used in a braid IF you can braid a small lock of your hair on the side.

A different use of flowers are of course, Flower crowns:

All I can say, is 💜💜 . Flower crowns are amazing and if you can again, play with the size and colour and arrangement of the flowers to suit your theme.

3. Hairbands
I know that Hairbands are not your conventional wedding accesory, but just consider designer hairbands:

Do I hear a “Yes”? 
Hairbands can and do add personality to your hair, and ones with embellishments such as the one in the picture do make you very dreamlike.

Flower hairbands are also a good choice. You can add some bling into your hairbands if you are into that sort of thing.

I would recommend parting the hair only a little bit, like casually and not a well defined separation before you wear a hairband.

4. Barettes

Barettes are like rings for your hair. They are small, elegant and add feminity to your hair in an instant. For those with really short hair, you can go for:

These are small and do not overwhelm. Sometimes, huge accessories look overdone on short hair. Barettes keep it small, yet stylish and classy.
For longer varieties of short hair, how about larger ones that can hold your hair?

Arent they so adorable?
If you wear a veil, I would recommend you to begin the veil after the accesory.
Good luck!


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