Alcohol at weddings

Maybe this isn’t the commonplace at Indian weddings (yet), I expect a sharp increase in the  number of weddings serving alcohol soon, myself included.
As I pondered if I would really serve alcohol at my wedding (and thus inviting a lot of merriment and chaos), I realised that my parents are not really aware of this sweet side. But it doesn’t really matter I guess.

What would I serve though?
My  favorite is undoubtedly Vodka. I do not think for a minute that it would be wise to serve that burning drink at my wedding. It is a hard drink, and when someone decides to get a little jolly with it, everyone else’s night is ruined. Though I like it, I cannot serve it. The same goes for Whiskey, Brandy and other hard drinks.
Beer is a poor choice if you ask me. It has  absolutely no class to it and is the fat man’s lazy drink. To be honest, my opinion is biased as I cannot stomach the smell or taste of it. With beer, you get a more “Im chilling” kind of vibe, but if that is what you want at your wedding, I am nobody to stop you.

It all  depends on the mood of the affair. If you want a solemn, serious reception, then serve your guests accordingly. If you need them to see it as a romantic bash, perhaps some classy wine would do.  Suppose your reception is going to be a laid back and chill event, beer is your go to. If you just wanna have fun with it, shots of your favorite hard  drinks will help you.

But  whatever choice you make, be comfortable with it and own it for the rest of your life. You have the supreme word in planning your wedding, not your aunty or grandma.


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